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helping children of egypt


People in Need's main focus is helping orphan children who are the most forgotten people around the world.  Most of these children live in poverty and a loneliness that other people cannot fill.  With the loss of parents' finances, or the death of one or both parents, these children are placed in an orphanage to struggle and cope with life. Also many Egyptian widows are without proper finances to care for themselves and their children. Many of these children are placed in an orphanage.

save the children of egypt

The Helwan Orphanage for boys

In the past, People In Need has helped support orphanages in Egypt with funds, clothing, and toys for the very young.  Funds were donated to a new clinic in a poor section of Alexandria, helped widows and their children in Cairo, and helped finish the main floor of an apartment in one of the villages in the south.

save the children of egyptsave the children of egypt

With almost seventy million people in Egypt, there are a lot of poor families that live in Upper Egypt that are struggling with basic needs for their children and themselves (food and clothing).  Many villages share a common well and homes are without toilet facilities. Beside these needs, many people must travel to Cairo for medical treatment; however, finances do not permit some to travel leaving these people without proper medical care.


save the children of egypt

The founder and president of PIN, Inc. (Center) Rev. Dorothy Neil has traveled extensively throughout Egypt to identify specific needs.  There are many poor Egyptian children in the small villages that are scattered along the Nile in the southern region as well as the Delta area and Alexandria in the north.


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